We manufacture packaging while caring about our common future.

We can join our efforts to build a better tomorrow for us and for our planet.

Five key areas in which we want to change the world for the better.

Packaging manufacturing does not start in our factory, nor does it end with the final product leaving our warehouse. We are aware of how and where we can minimise the negative environmental impact. We have divided the measures into five areas supported by four pillars on which our activities and values are based.

1. Regulations on sustainable development

Koopress is committed to environmental protection by applying environmentally friendly solutions and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The applicable legal regulations are of key importance in our approach.

2. Lighter, smaller, “slimmed down” packaging

Being a manufacturer of packaging made of solid cardboard, Koopress offers solutions that contribute to a reduction of material consumption and allow for savings on warehousing and freight.

3. Koopress – a conscious partner

Koopress actively applies energy-saving solutions, promotes good practices and develops environmental awareness among its staff, trade partners and local communities.

4. How to design to be able to recycle?

Find out more about how Koopress cares about our common future by proposing innovative packaging solutions, which are not only nice to look at and functional, but also environmentally friendly.

5. Closing a circulation loop

At Koopress, we make efforts to work in a closed-loop manufacturing system, in which material waste amount is minimised and materials from verified sources are used to a great extent, which meets the expectations of increasingly conscious consumers.

“What can we do together for our common future?”

“Koopress is a conscious and responsible company. In our activities, we are guided by principles of sustainable development and reduce our environmental impact. We believe that by conducting conscious activities we can leave a positive mark on the world around us. Our goals in terms of sustainable development include the reduction of the amount of produced waste, promotion of recycling and acquisition of materials in a conscious and responsible manner”.