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Operate in packaging. Cooperate with people.

Paper and cardboard are our world. We are passionate about functional packaging, all designed and manufactured with the principles of sustainability in mind. Our environmental commitment is not just a declaration: we use certified raw materials and rely on renewable energy sources in the production process.

Proprietary packaging solutions not only help our customers make their brands stand out, but also generate and maintain consumer loyalty in a highly competitive environment. During implementation, we offer technical sales support to ensure that our products make the most of the packaging line capacity.

We are Poland’s leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging. We supply well-known international brands across the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We have earned the trust of our partners since our actions are founded on values. Through integrity, cooperation and satisfaction, our employees gain a sense of security and stability. How we function internally translates into long-term relationships with our customers.

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Our employees are talented and creative individuals. If you believe you can contribute to the company, if you possess a creative mindset, dynamic personality and know what you want to achieve, contact us by submitting your CV.


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