90% less plastic
compared to traditional food trays available on the market

What is the KiRiGAMi paper barrier tray by Koopress?

Moulded paper trays represent a revolutionary approach to the packaging of food products, offering perfect alternatives to traditional plastic packaging. Our eco-friendly solution enables the manufacturing and packaging of a wide variety of food products: salads, ready-to-eat meals and snacks.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Solution

Our technology enables the moulding of a cardboard tray to which a bottom barrier film, also known as a “liner”, is welded. This comprehensive approach translates into safety, flexibility, and complete product branding.

1. The perfect sealing surface

2. The barrier performance equal to that of traditional plastic packaging

3. A variety of packaging technologies: thermal welding, MAP, SKIN

4. Manufactured from FSC® certified paperboard

5. Communication of the brand and advertising on the packaging surface

Solution benefits:

  1. Top-Level Safety
    • A unique process for generating the perfect sealing surface
    • Guaranteed barrier performance comparable to that of traditional plastic packaging.
  2. Flexibility for Diverse Products
    • perfect for packaging catering and food service products: ready-to-eat meals, snacks and salads
    • Available in various packaging technologies: tray sealer, flowpack. Packaging suitable for packaging machines: manual, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic packaging lines
  3. Complete branding
    • Communication of the brand and advertising
    • High-quality graphics
  4. Flexibility of labelling formats
  5. Significant Plastic Savings – up to 90% less plastic compared to traditional trays

Do you need a design? Take advantage of our experience

Design support at Koopress means access to a group of experienced experts who create exceptional packaging tailored to the unique needs of the customer. Our creative journey focuses on building the product story without the need of using external advertising agencies. Effective packaging is becoming an integral part of our partnership approach, ensuring that our customers not only receive high quality but also have the confidence to face any challenge. Discover innovative design solutions with us in half the time!

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