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Design Solutions and Packaging Production

At Koopress, we don’t limit ourselves to printing packaging – we create unique experiences. Our advantage is the graphic studio, which allows us to adapt packaging designs to the technology of their production, taking into account the client’s unique requirements. From functional trays for food products to elegant packaging for cosmetics – each project is a unique challenge for us.

Experienced graphic design studio as part of the order
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4 star rating
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Our Role in the Production Process

Our technologists are the key link between design and production reality. We not only provide advice in the packaging design process, but also ensure the efficiency of packaging on the client’s production line. We participate in production tests and introduce corrections to optimize the packaging process. Our success is a satisfied customer, and effective packaging is an integral part of this success.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

At Koopress, we focus on building lasting relationships with our clients. Our support covers not only the design, but also the entire production process. Thanks to this, our customers gain not only a high- quality product, but also a trusted partner ready to face any challenge.

We invite you to cooperate with Koopress, where packaging design becomes an exciting journey.


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