Meet Paper Barrier Tray KiRiGAMi by Koopress

Nowadays, as environmental protection becomes more and more important, companies around the world are looking for ways to reduce their negative impact on the planet. In response to these challenges, Koopress presents a new product line – Formed Paper Barrier Trays.

Plastic problem

n the face of the global environmental pollution crisis, public awareness of the damage caused by, among others, plastic is constantly growing. Plastic waste piles up in landfills and ends up in the oceans, killing marine animals and polluting drinking water. This is an issue that requires urgent action from everyone.

Plastic trays, while convenient to use, make a significant contribution to this problem. Their use contributes to the production of huge amounts of plastic, which is often not recycled, contributing to the growing pollution problem.

A new solution for the market and the environment

KiRiGAMi Molded Paper Barrier Trays, developed by Koopress, represent the future of food packaging. Designed with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind, these trays are made from paper, which means a significant reduction in plastic consumption. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, these trays maintain an ideal sealing surface and barrier properties, while ensuring food safety and the aesthetic appearance of the packaging.

We are looking for positive changes

Koopress’s decision to introduce Formed Paper Barrier Trays demonstrates its commitment to creating greener solutions. By bringing the trays to market, the company is not only responding to growing ecological challenges, but also actively contributing to reducing the amount of plastic in circulation, which is an important step towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

Join us at Warsaw Pack!

Don’t miss the premiere of Paper Barrier Tray KiRIGAMi by Koopress at the Warsaw Pack fair in Warsaw! Visit the Koopress E5.18H Ptak Expo stand to learn more about these innovative food packaging solutions and discover how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.