PaperSkin - The new line of Koopress packaging

‘PaperSkin’ flat and molded cardboard skin trays. Modern packaging for nutritional products that minimizes the usege of plastic

‘PaperSkin 'is ecological packaging intended for packaging

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Ready meals


of consumers want recycled and recycled packaging


are willing to pay more for sustainable products


consider plastic in packaging as a problem


need more information than is stated on the packaging

The tray consists of a certified (FSC®) virgin or recycled cardboard backing and a thin barrier film.

The used raw materials are certified for direct contact with food.

The use of thin barrier films


allows to reduce plastic consumption by 80%

Easy separation


special perforation allows the foil to be separated from the cardboard - the cardboard substrate is 100% recyclable.

Possibility to adjust


the packaging to the tools available on the market (Traysealer packaging machines),

Stable conditions


for storing the product through hermetic, tight closure,


  • is a modern marketing medium - the possibility of printing on both sides of the package.
  • builds the image of a company that cares about the environment
  • enables the consumer to communicate how to handle packaging after its use - building (ecological) awareness
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