Project "Implementation of carton packaging with antiseptic properties and limiting the migration of harmful chemicals into Koopress offer"

Implemented within the Smart Growth Operational Programme for 2014-2020, Measure 3.2 Support for implementation of R&D results, Sub-measure 3.2.1. Research for the market.

Total costs of the project 31 897 345.00PLN
Eligible costs of the project 25 887 500.00PLN
Financial suport of the project  15 519 921.25 PLN

The project consists of implementing the results of research and development works concerning developing a unique technology of printing powder used in offset printing for mechanical separation of freshly printed sheets in printing machines.

The project includes the following tasks:
- new facility construction where the production hall will be located
- purchase of fixed assets necessary to start production of new products
- purchase of software enabling the management of technology implemented within the project
- technological consultancy