We build the future of our company everyday.

Millions of produced packaging and customer satisfaction allow us to maintain a high position on the market of cardboard packaging in Poland.

From 1991 › Until today

The origins of the company

Starting publishing activity within Infopress. Industry publications: Commercial brochures, including the National Poultry Guidebook and the National Burchery Guidebook, are still issued.


First steps

The offset printing facility is established in Olsztyn.



The plant is oriented towards the production of cardboard packaging
as a part of the Masterpress company.



Increasing production capacity by purchasing a printing plant and changing the technological process to B1 format. Constantly building relationships with customers, increasing sales and technological possibilities. Staff training in a wide range.



KOOPRESS is established as a specialized label and packaging production plant based on the entire team and technical resources of the Masterpress plant in Olsztyn. Continuation of cooperation within the Masterpress group.

In Olsztyn, the editorial office of the National Poultry Guidebook and the National Butchery Guidebook, resumes its work.




Launching a new product ABC (AntisepticBarrierCarton) on the market. Starting innovative investments as part of the activity 3.2.1 Innovative Economy. There are new challenges ahead of us.

There are new challenges ahead of us
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