Launching a new product ABC (AntisepticBarrierCarton)on the market. Starting innovative investments as part of the activity 3.2.1 Innovative Economy.

There are new challenges ahead of us.

We are very pleased to present you the result of many months of research and experience of our Research and Development team, TEH TRANSFER company, and the Faculty of Biology from the University of Warsaw, crowned with the patent application.

This is the first implementation both in Poland and globally of a print security coating with highly effective antiseptic and barrier properties.

We have created a new category of packaging - ABC (Antiseptic Barrier Carton), particularly dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industry packaging where antiseptic standards are highly important.

The results of our research and development work show a positive effect on the cardboard packages’ properties:


Antiseptic properties - increased resistance of microbial infections, in particular of mold. In research of packaging treated with the ABC coating, a sixfold decrease in mold contamination was observed, compared to traditional untreated cartons.


Limited level of chemical substances’ migration (solid, liquid, volatile) of inks, varnishes into food and the environment

Limited release level of the volatile substance with odor nuisances up to 75%


Products stored in our innovative ABC packaging solution will allow you to increase the safety of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and any other products that require high antiseptic standards.

Depending on your antiseptic protection requirements, we are able to treat both the inner and outer sides of your packaging with our ABC coating.

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